• Menthol:

    • By controlling and eliminating excess oil on the skin, menthol can help prevent acne and clogged pores. Thus, the complexion is clear and luminous

    • Menthol soap exist that are intended for rubbing directly on the skin to help relieve muscle aches and cramps, sprains, skin irritations, and headaches. Menthol soap is popular among athletes.

    • Menthol is an herbal compound that can help improve your hair's health and reduce hair loss associated with scalp conditions such as dandruff, eczema and scalp psoriasis

Menthol also has pain relieving properties when applied topically.

It is particularly beneficial in alleviating the pain associated with minor musculoskeletal problems, such as arthritis, sprains, or muscle cramps. Menthol can be combined with ibuprofen in pain relieving gels and creams that are designed to be applied topically. Menthol increases the effectiveness of the ibuprofen by enlarging the blood vessels (a process known as vasodilation). This allows the ibuprofen to penetrate deep in to the affected area

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