Our Promise:

We set out to make a great bar of soap that helps you, and your muscles feel amazing and recover faster each day. The bars have an accumulative effect from daily use-1% better every day. Who doesn't want that edge? ALWAYS free of chemicals, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and dyes. ALL of our ingredients are made by mother earth-nothing else added-ever. And as always proudly made in the USA. 


DITCH THE CHEMICALS: Yes, that’s the real name of an ingredient in most of your chemically infused preservative soaps and body washes. Look it up: literally a toxic preservative! Ditch the chemicals in your mainstream brand and use a bar that's not only great for your muscles, but great for your body. 

We believe what goes on your body, is just as important as what goes in it.

Ingredients you can always read.

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