• Peppermint:

    • Peppermint soap is ideal treating migraines, relieving stress and reducing fatigue nervous strain.  Peppermint contains menthol which stimulates mental activity and enhances mood, soothes muscles and relieves aches.

    • Peppermint helps in restoring restore health and maintaining proper functioning body organ systems. With the regular use of peppermint, it helps in repairing the damages done to the body and recovery from injuries and wounds. It also helps regaining the strength after a long illness.

    • Migraines – With it’s cleansing scent, pepperrmint makes a perfect natural headache relief.

    • Anti-fungal – Peppermint oil has also been reported to be successful in treating some kinds of fungal action, although it wasn’t as successful as oil of oregano was for this use.

    • Sleep and relaxation – It has been used to elicit a calming effect when used in a massage or for insomnia.

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